DOMINANT Combi Oven Foam – 2 x 5L Bottles

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The DOMINANT Combi Foam is a heavy duty, foaming oven cleaner for use in places where heavy oil, fat or grease removal is required.

DOMINANT Combi Foam is ideal for use on Giorik MovAir and MinTouch, Electrolux Professional and Culinaire combi ovens.

Dominant Combi Oven Foam

DOMINANT Combi Foam:

Features and Dilution Guide
Combi Foam is a strongly formulated product that quickly removes baked-on or greasy soils from a range of hard surfaces. This can be applied neat for maximum effect, or diluted up to 1:40 (25ml/L) for less heavy-duty applications.

Combi Foam contains foaming detergents to assist with soil removal; surface wetting and surface cling to prolong contact times.

Refer to Technical Bulletin for how to use this chemical safely.

DOMINANT Combi Foam Technical Bulletin

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions28 × 20 × 32 cm